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20th International Sculpture Symposium in Icheon (ISSI)

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The 20th International Sculpture Symposium in Icheon

[Field of Art] Sculpture
[Address] Seolbong park, 393-4, Gwango-dong, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
[Inquires] Only to
[Program Overview]
The 20th International Sculpture symposium in Incheon, Korea, selects 22 excellent candidates among professional sculptors regardless of nationality, and provides outdoor programs for 22 days. This event, which runs from August 8th to 29th, will provide the selected artists accommodation, outdoor studios, grants and material costs and present the development and future of artistic exchanges. Applicants who are professional sculptor and able to work outdoors are expected for this program since it is an outdoor sculpture event.

[Date] August 8th – August 29th, 2017 (22days)
[Qualification] A professional sculptor over 40-year-old regardless of nationality (undergraduate and graduate students are not qualified)

◎ Program ◎
[Artist Talk] Talk with the public (Ten-minute-presentation per each artist)
[Exhibition] Group exhibition held for about two weeks
▶ Outdoor studio activity: nine hours a week studio residence
▶ Field visits: inviting experts in the field of arts
▶ Docent program: at least five public workshops

[Accommodation] Accommodation five minutes away from the outdoor studio is provided
[Meals] Breakfast: hotel breakfast (per person), lunch/dinner: buffet on the site
▶ 3D facility
▷ Large tables for artist provided
▷ Space for outdoor sculpture
▷ Outdoor containers provided (public storage space)
▷ Rental and supply of public equipment
▶ Wireless internet provided

[Application Fee]
▶ Grants provided (determined by the committee)
▶ One person provided
[Material costs]
▶ Material costs provided (determined by the committee)
▶ Round-trip airfare supported (international artists only)
▶ Publicity of online media, press and publication
[Date for Application]
※ April 11th – 15th, 2017 (five days) Please be sure to strictly follow the date of application. Applicants who did not follow will be excluded in deliberation.
[Result Announcement]
Announcement by web site and e-mail, and personal notification in early June
[Submission Documents]
▶ Personal information and contact information
▶ Proposal for project: drawing of actual work (only the selected artists)
▶ Statement: clear presentation of artistic view of the applicant
▶ Exhibition history(CV): including education, exhibition, residence and award history
▷ Write in the order from recent work, add caption (title, material, size, year of production).
▷ Composite image cannot be submitted.
▷ The image will be presented with a 30” x 40” high definition digital projector.
▶ Total of 12 slides in pdf
▷ Artist name, statement – one page
The order as follows:
Art work ten pieces (ten slides)
Exhibition history(CV) – including contact information – one page
※ Please be sure to keep follow the formatting order. Applicants who did not follow will be excluded in deliberation.

[Other notes]
▶ Deliberation related
▷ Judges: a panel of experts
▷ Criteria: the excellence of art work
▶ The participating artists cannot be participated in other program or degree related program during the symposium.
▶ In the case of overseas applicants, a suitable visa must be required. (Visa-related assistance for international artists)
▶ The participating artists should stay in Incheon for 22 days and need to report to the department of secretary in the case of outings.
▶ The artists who participated in the program in the past cannot apply again.
▶ Visiting and accommodation of visitors are prohibited.
▶ Accommodation of family members or animals is prohibited.
▶ vegetarian options are partly available.

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